The Best Cities In Russia For Finding a Russian Woman For Marriage

When it comes to finding a Russian woman, the idea of starting your search in a small town doesn’t seem so wise. That is, at least, until you find out how much fun it can be. So, for those looking for a Russian wife, we offer a list of cities with the largest number of single Russian brides for marriage.

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New York may be the most popular city for foreign man to settle down, but Krasnodar tops the list in terms of Russian women seeking foreign husbands. According to one of the city’s most successful businessmen, Dmitry Antoshkin, Russia is the number one place for Chinese and Ukrainian women as well, but none more than the Russian one. “The huge market for attracting Russian women for marriage is the great size of Krasnodar city, its urban lifestyle and culture,” he told the Krasnodar’s representative organization Rossiya.

Best Cities In Russia For Finding a Russian Woman For Marriage

Krasnodar offers a balanced mixture of international and national cultures and offers everything a foreigner could wish for in a large and modern city. Therefore, finding a Russian woman for marriage here is much easier than in Moscow or St. Petersburg.


“In cities like Novosibirsk, you find women looking for a foreign husband much easier than in some other areas. This is mainly due to the location of the city. There are lots of girls, and there are not so many men. You would find the same situation in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where it’s also easier to find foreign wives,” said lawyer and sociologist, Yevgeny Agureev.

Agureev also pointed out that all the most popular Russian cities have a special advantage – close proximity with Asia and Europe. “Any tourist should know, that in the Russian Far East, Asia and Europe are one step away,” he said.

In addition, Novosibirsk is a closed market and foreigners are not allowed to get married. However, things have been changing, recently. For example, media reports revealed that Novosibirsk brides join official marriage ceremonies in foreign countries, and foreign men come to the city to get married.

The number of foreign husbands in Novosibirsk is growing all the time, and it’s expected that the city will soon join the ranks of Russian towns, such as Ufa, Krasnoyarsk and Saratov, with a higher number of foreign husbands. The press has reported on the phenomenon, where Russians who are desperate to marry a Russian woman in order to be granted permanent residency in the country are resorting to measures that seem even more bizarre.

The daily newspaper Moskovskiye Novosti, reported that women’s rights activists recently managed to obtain a database of foreign husbands in Novosibirsk and sent it to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The database provides names of more than 150 Russian women living abroad who have found foreign husbands. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, they would be the first women in the country to bring up this issue.


Chelyabinsk is one of the best places for foreigners to find a Russian wife. “It is a beautiful city, has a lot of land, has a great climate, is rich in culture. The largest number of our compatriots, my compatriots, live here. Chelyabinsk is a town of choice for foreigners, I’m sure,” said a Chelyabinsk businessman to Sputnik, expressing his interest in the foreign market.

The best cities in Russia for finding a bride

There are many beauties in Chelyabinsk to attract a foreigner, such as bank clerks, nurses, hairdressers, law enforcement officers and teachers. And the key factor for foreigners is the western location. Chelyabinsk is a good choice, but not the best, as people are living in the same time zone as many western European countries, with Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In Chelyabinsk the size of women and men has little to do with the number of foreign men who come here. In the city there are no stereotypes, and men from many countries come here to marry women from different backgrounds.

The average life expectancy in Chelyabinsk is 69 years, and it would take a foreign man almost two decades to get married to a Russian woman there. Foreign women have also achieved this. Almost 60 percent of all wives in Chelyabinsk are foreign.


However, there are few foreigners who find Russian women for marriage in Leningrad. “In Leningrad, there are only a few foreigners who want to find a Russian wife, but then it’s a little hard,” said a foreign man who decided to get married in Leningrad, adding that this is also due to the fact that many years ago, there was no legal formality for foreigners to get married in Russia, and the vast majority of those who wanted to get married had to look for Russian women abroad.

Foreign men in Leningrad are mainly from Britain, the United States, Italy and Germany. In the city there are many women from France and Poland. Chelyabinsk-born German Robert Timur spent time in Leningrad and got married to a Russian woman.

“My wife is beautiful, I am very fond of her. I like and respect Russian women. And the conditions in Leningrad are very pleasant for foreigners,” said Timur. The downside of Leningrad is that the western region of Russia is a bit isolated from Europe and the rest of the world. Because of this, people have to pay a lot of money to reach the west. At the same time, a foreigner has to get a work permit, and there are also questions about cultural and political attitudes toward Russians.

For example, in order to get a work permit, it is recommended to have several years of residence in Leningrad. People do not want to get married, as marriage is seen as losing one’s employment opportunities. There is only one church in Leningrad, and no alcohol is allowed in the apartments, according to the law.